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The church St. Peter und Paul in Poppenreuth

The church of St.Peter and Paul dates back to before the turn of the first millenium. In the early 9 th century an aristocrat of the Karolinguan king´s court of Fürth named “Poppo”started to fell the Reichswald, a forest east of the Pegnitz. This village was the beginning of an important settlement that finally grew to a united agricultural region: the “Knoblauchsland” ( garlic country ). St.Peter and Paul in Poppenreuth became the clerical centre for the region north and east of Pegnitz and Regnitz.

After the turn of the millenium Sebaldus lived and operated as a hermit and priest in the forests that were later named after him: the Sebalder Reichswald. When he died around 1050 he was buried in the church of Poppenreuth. But before 1070 his bones were brought ( probably even stolen because robbery of relicts was quite common in those days) into the Peter´s chapel, a chapel founded by the parish of Poppenreuth and situated a little south of the Nuremberg castle. Over the centuries this ”daughter church” built over Sebaldus´ grave in the centre of Nuremberg has developed to the present Sebaldus church .

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